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    Importance of Ihram in Hajj

    Ihram is an Arabic word meaning ‘prohibition’ as well as a state of holiness. Ihram is essentially two un-sown sets of white clothes that one should wear before visiting the house of Allah. Among the many customary rituals, entering the state of Ihram is a priority as every other ritual needs to be performed in a holy state of mind and body. To be precise, Ihram is a complete state of spiritual purity; it demands to discard any unclean aspect of the mind, body & soul.

    Muslims enter the sacred state of Ihram as they progress on a pilgrimage to Hajj. These two sheets of clothing convey the ultimate purpose i.e. to reflect equality irrespective of background, age, nationality, race, status and class in life.

    As millions of people from around the globe come to perform Hajj, the identical dress teaches fairness and humbleness to each pilgrim. The significance of these two pure white sheets is meant t