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    Umrah – life changing experience

    Just like Hajj, Umrah is the most celestial experience for any Muslim. It unfolds values and rewards for the person who performs Umrah in a proper manner.

    Every Muslim believes that Umrah offers a level of spiritual purity that has the power to completely change a person’s life. Although, it may be Sunnat-e-muwaqada but Hajj needs to be accompanied by a prior Umrah. One can decide to perform Umrah anytime during the year; it is not restricted to be done once a year.

    As this is one of many religious obligations, it may not ensure immediate gateway to heaven, but it needs to be performed in a right spirit and virtuous attitude. It is a calling to everyone to come worship Allah and encounter His rewarding presence with a modest heart and graceful soul.

    The blessings of the Umrah are innumerable for every Muslim. It is believed that Umrah totally purifies the soul of the Muslim. The colossal glory of the Umrah, gets every Muslim from different parts of the world to the Haram.

    In the Qur’an, one can read the rewards of Umrah, as there are numerous merits for the people who perform Umrah correctly, it is considered to be the finest deed by Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA). Prophet Muhammad SAW conveyed that this particular deed is at a par with Jihad. When he questions again, The Prophet SAW replied ““The accepted hajj has no other reward, except Paradise.” [Bukhari] #1773

    This is to make you realise your capabilities to immerse yourself in the most authentic form of prayer durin